• Audit

    The approach on audit consists in an examination of the whole business. In order to effectively audit the financial statements of a company it is necessary to understand the economic environment in which the audited company operates, as well as the pressures and challenges it faces; therefore it is necessary to plan the approach of the audit in accordance with the economic environment.

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    The services we offer successfully combine the experience we have in the application of tax regulations in Romania, assisting clients to optimize their tax strategy (in conjunction with relevant legislation from the shareholders jurisdiction and the avoidance of double taxation) and advisory for the verifications carried out by the tax authority.

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    In order to satisfy the customer requirements, MDA provides the following services:

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Our services

  • The activity and expertise of MDA covers a broad range of professional services, reflected in the participation in financial audit engagements, financial and tax advisory, accounting and appraisal.


We offer a wide range of financial and management consulting services designed to assist our clients in all stages of their development, and to guide the course of the most complex transactions.
Risks associated with the financial statements of the company, both in terms of auditing as well as the business are affected by a number of factors. These factors include the quality of internal control, the complexity of accounting issues, subjectivity and the possibility that the control system is ignored. In risk assessment we focus on significant issues.
We assist our customers in the process of merger, liquidation, dissolution and restructuring starting with project drafting and closely following their development stages, including registration procedures and recording results in accounting.
Practical experience and significant knowledge accumulated in various situations that arise in the management process allows us to identify problems, collect relevant information, perform analyses and syntheses and suggest solutions to improve specific client situations.


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